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    • Majestic

      New Game In the Works

      A gaming pal of mine from the guild Wehrmacht is creating a clone of Shadowbane of sorts it's based on the unity engine he's been working hard night and day an...


    • Regulator Members

      Regulator Members

      Game History Ultima Online Atlantic EverQuest Rallos Zek Dark Age of Camelot Merlin Shadowbane Scorn Star Wars Galaxies Bloodfin Lineage 2 Sieghardt World of Warcraft Laughing Skull Warhammer Online US RVR Tabula Rasa USA Albion Online EverQuest II Nagafen

      Brief description: The Regulators is an online gaming guild started in 1997 by Hawthorne, Stoneman, Jazz, Meth, and Repent in Ultima Online.